Follow through

Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 3, 2020

To follow through is to complete something . Think about that a moment . Apply it to your work and your job , or apply it to being a parent or school . Even apply it to making a meal , cleaning yourself up , washing the clothes, or getting a chore done that takes effort and takes work .

Today my decision is again go for a walk when it warms up and the wind dies down . My plan is to go further than yesterday .. That will take action. That will take following through . Being a couch potato won't get that job done and wishing won't get the job done . It's going to take me , action and physical work to succeed . 


Our quits start with day one .  I guess I really won't know if I have followed through to completion until my time on earth is done .


I am in my quit journey forever , however long that may be ... and I'll take one day at a time as a blessing . 


Quitting isn't hard now . The hardest part was to make the decision to accept my quit as a gift and not refusing it or push it away and graciously and thankfully accepting it so I could regift it to others . It's a gift worth sharing . 


I haven't forgotten that it used to be gut wrenching hard . I am grateful for that , because it keeps me moving forward . 

When I think about it I still get a nervous stomach and cringe when I think of those early days . They were worth it .

Is smoking a threat now , no.

Smoking is an excuse to give up half way through . We need to follow through .

Have you ever played baseball ? You are the batter . Will you follow through on your swing , will you wait the count ,hit a few foul balls first maybe ,  hit the home run , make first base , give up on your team , will you finish the game or walk away . 


Following through

with the plan not to smoke "just for today " each day is easier than looking at tomorrow . Each day IS practise , but practise each day staying quit . 

Follow through today because we don't know what tomorrow might be . 

We are in this together as a team . I'm so grateful I found two support sites that made a world of difference in me. My past site and now this one . 

All of our quits no matter what day or number of days quit we have , does not hold more importance than today . So we are equal . 

Everything in between our personal chosen day quit and the day we pass from this earth is the dash .  It's the action . It's the commitment we take each day to follow the journey through to completion . We do this so we can say to ourselves and to others

                                     A job well done .