Blog Post created by Maki on May 28, 2020

I remember those dreadful early days when I hated every minute of quitting smoking and every day dragged on as though it were a year . Tears were shed at the loss of addiction , but doors were opened . Small celebrations couldn't come soon enough for all the work it took to make it to three days or six months but those celebrations led to a bigger reward .
In one more month it will be nine years I've quit smoking surpassing my eight year quit.  I should be excited to celebrate. but I'm not . Not really , but I am grateful . Being a non smoker has become a new norm . Everyday is not celebrated anymore , I see life now as a non smoker .  I am however so grateful  I stuck with the plan not to smoke no matter what .  To post not smoke , to cry , but not smoke , to be angry but not give up , to be tired but wait it out . There is no more sweating bullets over the never ending anxiety smoking creates , craves , or thoughts of smoking .  Patience has healed the need or want for any addiction ever again . Was all the work worth it ? Oh heck yes . I am a non smoker with ex smoker lungs and no that won't change , but by gee I am a happy ex smoker . I'm grateful to be alive and quit . I quite honestly believe I would not be here today had I not quit .  Grateful to have the tools , learned from people just like you and a site like this to continue my quit forever . Grateful I can save myself now from even more harm that any continuing to smoke would have done . Grateful and not forgotten all the support and encouragement .  I am looking forward to one more year quit and one more month quit when I will celebrate my 10th anniversary then five ; my 15th . Being quit changes your life . 

I encourage you newbies to keep going . Remember the old saying " when the going gets tough , the tough gets going . It's in you to win this battle .

                                              You can do it .