Good thoughts feels good

Blog Post created by Maki on May 27, 2020

Covid has taught us much about the real world hasn't it . I want to say smoking has never crossed my mind . 2019 , 2020 has been the most difficult time in my life and smoking an option , a thought , a need ? NO !

 I don't crave them and I only seee them as useless. 


For those who don't understand depression , perhaps there is a bit more understanding and empathy for those who live with depression .  I've heard so many are calling help lines , talking to counsellors during this very difficult time . It's been free not 200.00 a visit and people are reaching out .  Some have been suffering in hiding for years afraid to talk to someone about how they feel . We smoked to stuff in feelings . It's ok to share that to talk about it . 


I am fortunate that I am retired so staying home for me , not working , not being dependant on month to month cheques has been a Godsend for me , but I know young families are struggling .

Living today is very different that when I grew up . I learned to live with little , grateful for that . 

This is a world where material things matter , the big house, the fancy car , or several cars , the young family whose entertainment is not playing with a ball in the backyard but about the best seat in the house at sporting events and concerts . Kids are more and more having to being entertained by parents and growing up waaay too fast and those folks are needing to adjust to a new way of thinking and living .

Backyard games , board games , and yes communication without cell phones and social distancing from friends is forcing families to talk to each other . Parents are teaching their kids , so hard but boy , so many good things from that too . Gratefulness and thanks to teachers who really do so much for our kids . 

 I wonder how many parents have actually for the first time noticed that their kids are vaping or smoking .

Too bad it takes a pandemic to slow us down so we could smell the roses or perhaps the cigarettes or vape , yes vaping smells too .

I can't help but think that perhaps when we are again able to receive hugs that they will be felt with a whole new meaning and gratefullnesss that we had this time together . 


I'm so happy to see people going back to living off this beautiful land , planting gardens for the first time in their lives. Teaching their children and participating together in that experience and watching what a tiny seed can produce . Our quit is the same . For all of us who chose to quit smoking that's the seed you planted .

Nurture it , water  it , love it and watch it grow .


I'm happy more kids and families than ever are learning to ride bikes this year , are focused more on outdoor safe distancing fitness like walking and taking care of each other l I have to finish up , I get long winded and I need to go for my walk . 

So covid has brought bad but it's also brought good .

Now is the time for change . 


On a sad yet positive note as well , men , single parents , and families are struggling because it's something they are not used to being the main providers for their family and nothing they can do to change the rules of covid lockdown . Yes that is hard , it hurts , I hate covid but ... many are learning to live with less and the eye opener for them has been that they learned they CAN live with less . There are also those living with less that are actually living with MORE because of the generosity and care of our less fortunate .  We are for the most part coming together, but there are always those who are still greedy and still thinking life is just about them and about money and about the right to to smoke and and their freedom of choice . Their right , even if it hurts and cost others lives.

Second hand smoke is an example . I never thought I was hurting anyone .. one of the biggest lies ever . Smoking hurts everyone ! 


If there is something that comes from covid it may be that we are taking inventory about what's really important in life to us . Are we thinking about our parents more , our seniors in seniors homes , the homeless ? The quiet time has made everyone think and think hard . What's important in life . Smoking ? Drinking ? Are they essentials ?  . Addiction is not how I want to spend my days ever again . 

Many people are finally putting down the cigarette package because they know it's not a necessity and it is the one thing they know they can change and have control over  . We CAN live without cigarettes but we can not live without , food , water and love . 


Love is always always always the greatest gift you can give or receive . It costs nothing to bring someone a smile and  a smile is as good as a hug . 


Thanks for letting me share  (((((( hugs to you )))))) please remember these are just my thoughts this morning and may be different that your thoughts . 


Off for my walk  the sun is shining , the trees and flowers are amazing and I've never heard so many happy birds in all my life !