The lightbulb moment

Blog Post created by Maki on May 23, 2020

Smoking is further and further away from my mind everyday. I honor those today quitting smoking in the midst of a pandemic . Your strength and commitment is as every bit astounding . Bravo to you . Good job and what a marked day in history for you x 2 .

I always said if cigarettes were off the shelves we would have no smokers . There is a lot of money in the cigarette world and not all money is burnt up in smokes or burning holes in people's pockets . Keeping people addicted is a trademark for financial wealth . It fattens someone's pocket book and if you do some research you'd be surprised at who some of these beneficiaries who invested in tobacco companies are .Got time on your hands read , research , know the facts . 

Oh they took them off the shelves here years ago out of plain site but that didn't fool this addict mind . Tell an addict they can't have something and they want it more . An adult addict mind will say "cigarettes are behind close doors to protect the youth ""and then order a carton for themselves . That was I'm sure , many of us .,

Grateful today . Grateful for screwing in the lightbulb and not living in the dark about my addiction living life a smoker behind closed doors or in plain view . Grateful for taking smoking off my table and off my shelf.

Ya can't smoke what ya don't have.

Cigarettes and their counterparts may be around for long time but they can only be a choice if we make them a

choice . 


Be patient , persistent , stay quit smart . Be kind . Be grateful .