Blog Post created by Maki on May 19, 2020

Why were long timers still here years after a quit ?

I'm grateful they were .

They , along with coaches , reliable resource sites such as Mayo clinic and others helped me understand addiction better .


Education was a tool to better understand how addiction and self interacted .


Self talk  ( what I told myself to justify smoking ) addictions deception ( the lies we believed ) , how my brain was wired and influenced by addiction ( clock work ) and what I could and needed to do consistantly to break the deeply ingrained pattern and make new paths forward,  were many of the things I learned .

Of course I knew me best and thought I knew more than most and often strayed , often self justified , and was often-easily angered when the truth was told that I didn't want to hear ( thecaddicts law ) to staying addicted , but honestly , long term quitters were so much inspiration to me in the beginning and still are .

Their wealth of knowledge from another smokers point of view ( relatable to my experience ) was and is still so valuable . Everything shared by every member here is food for the addict and everyone in a support group makes a strong team .

Each person in their own way holds a torch like on a relay team , signifying and providing inspiration , support and encouragement . 


If you want to relate that to swimming , ( I had three competitive swimmers ) they had the coach  ( their teacher, one who had gone before them ) and 4 team members for the relay . Each member put their best effort forward . Behind them was the rest of the club , their family , and the community . The cheer leaders . Every one had an important role , and each had an important responsibility to themselves and others . 


The teachers and kids dedicated themselves to the sport getting up bright and early committing themselves to practise , diligently doing the same thing over and over to achieve an ultimate dream goal . 

It wasn't a race against others for my kids . It was to prove to themselves that when they worked hard , their times improved and things they struggled with could get easier . ( each had their best stroke and their worst ) .

They improved upon those things with practise , committing themselves every single day . Their turns got quicker , their kicks easier , they got faster . Their team benefitted from each other's hard work to do the same . Every second off their time was something to be celebrated . 


Quitting smoking is one of the toughest addictions and the most difficult challenges ever to overcome in my opinion . Each of us is doing that daily . Celebrate your commitment ,celebrate your dedication , celebrate your patience , celebrate the fears you've overcome and the struggles you've faced and won . Celebrate every thing you've overcome today , the passed weeks , months or years without a cigarette , celebrate your hard work. It's significant . 

                                                            Thats how winning counts .