Prepare For The Season

Blog Post created by Maki on May 16, 2020

Well after a few months here I found this ... as mentioned computers are complicated to me , so anyway , I found a thought I started a week or so ago. I never finished it and was distracted but I noticed a save button at the bottom ... so why not experiment , click . Poof gone ..... no where to be found lol . 

Lo and behold a week later with the use of the search engine (computer talk ) otherwise known to me as magnifying glass lol I learned how to find a draft on Ex .

So better late than never as they say, here it is . *By the time I fix spelling it will be next year , so here it is , just as it is *


Today is another day . Yesterday plus 17 c , today 8 c and whoa windy ! it is  a hang on to your hat kinda day !  

( Added insert ) days later we are headed to 20 c sunshine again , and tomorrows forecast is rain . Is the weather consistent  ? Nope but we look forward to each and every day smoke free and stick to being smoke free no matter what the weatherman or nature predicts . 


One thing about the weather as we all knowis you have to be prepared .

4 seasons , 4 changes to adjust to .

4 changes in footwear , 4 seasons in adapting to the new.

From rainy days , rain coats n rain boots to cold blustery winter days , warm lined boots , toques , mitts and scarves to fall cseasonal jackets and summer open toed shoes , barefeet or sandals we always have to be ready for the day .


Our world and our climate are constantly changing . Not even the weather man can predict it perfectly . 

Are we prepared ? Do we have what we need to get through this season ? 


Is your quit prepared to take on the seasons of quitting smoking  ? Are you prepared to get through them ? No two day sare alike and no two seasons alike . 

Day to day life is unpredictable . Our quits the same .

Neither should be taken for granted and both should be appreciated no matter what our circumstances are or what struggles we've had in the past . 


We may think we got this today but are we prepared if something goes wrong . Are we prepared for the unknown days , the illness , the unexpected loss so great that all you we can think of is wanting a smoke ?

That's what addiction will throw at you when your down but what you do and say is what matters .

What about the next crisis ? Are each of us prepared for something totally out of the blue to come rattle our commitment and resolve to remain smoke free ?  Are we prepared to not give in ?  

How will we protect our quits to last forever through every season ?

What in your preparedness today , will you tell yourself tomorrow or in the next minute if the season before you changes ? 


Is smoking not an option ? 

Nope not one puff ever ? 

I don't do that smokin thang anymore ? 

I am stronger than that ? 

No , thank you very much ? 

I love my quit and myself more than my addiction can taunt me ? My no to smoking means I won't smoke. 


Are you prepared not to let your go or let your day go by without thankfulness for it , without gratefulness for it and will your remain vigilant and true to yourself .. To honour all the days of your life quit because they with your hard work are  gifted to you. In your preparedness will you be committed today to keeping your quit forever no matter what ?


I will .  It's my wedding vow to my quit  and I take my vow very seriously . 


Four seasons

Four seasons and within them triggers ,

     within them trials ,

          but also within them there is hope ,

                within them growth ,

                       within them joy if we so choose ,

                               happiness if we so want  . 


                                         Cigarettes can't do that kinda work in us .