Blog Post created by Maki on May 11, 2020

I am so grateful for my quit . It is the one thing right now and day to day that I have control over.

I've seen the damage smoking can do to those went before me .... those who didn't yet see what the consequences would hold for them by smoking .

In the early days there was no warning signs alerting people to the dangers.

Later they were forced to put the warning signs on the packages .

It was our own responsibility to see or be blind , to hear or be deaf , to touch or not touch , to smell or not smell , to smoke or not smoke .

One puff led most of us to being full time users .

Most of us didn't heed the warning signs . 

They spoke the truth . 

We chose our own path by not reading those warnings . We covered up the truth.

We covered up the truth by making our own packaging to hide the gory details or put them in pretty carrying cases. I used those cases for exactly that reason . It put my hands over my eyes and my ears to the truth . 

Cigarettes kill they said .

Cigarettes causes CANCER they said .

Cigarettes can harm your unborn child they reminded us and can cause COPD . 

Cigarettes can cause you to lose limbs . That was the written word , and all the pictures were there to prove it .  Pictures of loved ones beside loved ones, ventilators , hospital beds and people dying . 

Pictures ; yes pictures . 

True testimony from people who wanted to send us a message and what did we do ?

We idolized our cigarettes and continued to smoke and put them first , over the families who cared about us enough to give us the truth about what cigarettes were doing to their loved ones . 

For the longest time I too ignored the truth , I'm guilty .  It was almost too late for me when I decided I better face denial or I'm going to die , but I was given one last chance . I'm so grateful . 


Denial holds us captive bitter and angry and alone . Truth sets us free . 


Warnings continue to be put on cigarette packaging for a reason . Warnings are there to educate us about the truth and the danger .

Warnings serve a purpose . 


They are there to educate us about the risks and the dangers of consuming cigarettes , nicotene and tar .

They are there because the creators of them knew that being misused could have dire health consequences . 

The choice then is ours .

Take it or leave it . 

Life or death . 

Our choice .