Are their similarities

Blog Post created by Maki on May 6, 2020

Although we have so much uncertainty in the present our focus here first and foremost should still be on our quits . 


Smoking kills people . It's been doing that for years. The difference being between smoking and this pandemic is the pandemic hit us quickly but the reality is it may be something that without a vaccine may last years .

We have to learn how to cope , how to be strong , how to help and support others and accept help if we need it .

This is community . This is what helps us through . Each other's love , each other's understanding , compassion and support . 

Cravings when we quit smoking happen in waves .  For each person craves may look different and just like covid will affect each person differently.

In general , when we quit smoking cravings are at their highest point in the beginning of our quit but they do not necessarily have a linear decline .

Cravings can fluctuate or mutate  just as possibly covid can but they will eventually stabilize and eventually leave . 


I will compare smoking craves to surfing waves .

Wind produces waves so each day the conditions are different. Some days are better than others . The bigger the waves the more hard work it is to ride them . 

To become good at them we need to practise safety and we need to practise balance .

A little stubborness , persistence , faith , hope , determination and commitment helps .

Practise does not make us perfect but makes us more comfortable . 

We will always need to be cautious no matter what l 


How did we get through these cravings ?

1) We took one day at a times.

2) We listened to the rules of nope and didnt smoke .

3) We listened to our teachers . Those addicts that went before us , those that were succeeding .

4) We researched and trusted those who studied addiction to give us the best possible chance . 


Covid19 . In some ways I can compare to surfing as well . 

Each day with covid is also unpredictable ,like the waves . 

The professionals are still learning and we have to keep ourselves and others safe on shore right now to help them .

The right conditions may feed covid just as the right conditions may cause relapses in smoking .

We need to do our part . We protect our quits by not feeding it opportunity and we protect ourselves from covid by not giving it opportunity . 

Together , through all kinds of weather we can take it one day at a time and we WILL get though this both smoke free and covid free .