Paws and  NML In Recovery

Blog Post created by Maki on May 2, 2020

I have been researching the two this morning seeing there was discussion on it yesterday and have found a lot of info about PAWS and addiction in recovery centres but not much at all about NML and addiction in recovery addiction centres . Why would that be ? 

Only place I find much if anything was about NML was a story written by a fellow named Ron who was not an addictions specialist . He wrote it in 2002 on a quit site and were things he observed while he himself was quitting . Is that how it originated does anyone know and do addiction centres acknowledge it , doctors and treatment centres ?  


I guess it's peaked my curiosity again as I've never felt I was in NML myself , but by the power of suggestion I believed it .  I'm not even sure I ever believed in NML tbh and that's why it was very easily for me to dismiss it and move on .

Is it fact or a story ? 


From my own observations from a previous site it was often used as their excuse when people relapsed . Oh ... I was in no mans land ...   or an elation of joy expressed to be passed it ...  passed what ? Withdrawal .  Urge to smoke ? Why is so much focus on it ?  I'm open to discussion . I take everything in . All opinions to me are valued. 


Post acute withdrawal syndrome on the other hand I have read lots about and are discussed in most if not all addiction recovery centres . 


I am so curious lol one day I will call my local addictions centre I think to see what they say about NML .


Lately I've had a new focus . Perhaps a reason for all my curiosity .

I've seriously been wanting to take some on line addictions courses . I'm likely too old . That has been an excuse of mine for years .  Another lie I believed like I believed lies about smoking . 

One is never too old to learn .

             We just have to take the first step and follow it with the next . 


Haha , A light bulb moment . It may be just the right time to do it right now .

Isolation can't stop learning! 


Always choosing to be smoke free . Its my right . 

Always learning and Always grateful . 

Thanks for letting me talk this out fellow quitsters . I'm grateful for all of you .