How's your staycation going ?

Blog Post created by Maki on Apr 29, 2020

Staycation ? Lol mine didn't last long lol . I wanted a stayawayvacation from social media but I've learned just how important it is not only to ones quit but to ones seniors health when used appropriately . Years ago telephones were our way of keeping in touch and even before that a horse , or just plain old walking on foot would get people in touch .

Wives would make home made bread and take to a quarantined neighbour a mile away or two and walk right on back home and start baking again . 


I don't remember those days but I've heard many a long story from my mom and dad.

My aunt died from polio . Their family was quarantined . They didn't have social media or phone . I've heard about war but I wasn't there . 


I have heard about the Great Depression . I've heard how people had to stretch a dollar to feed their families .

Material things were not as important as giving what you could to help others or life itself .  

I see people here in my city helping each other like I've never seen before . My gosh it is amazing how people are helping each other through this . Thats love ! 


There were those nurses and doctors who cared for tuberculosis patients in the sanitarium .  Men in a different area in the hospital and women in another. The nurses weren't allowed to come home for fear of transmission . A mom and dad were so worried for their daughter and her siblings scared for their sister . But those days have passed . They got through . 


Firemen risk their lives every single day on the job . Those firemen have families . So many lives taken or families displaced because of fire . Please don't smoke , don't butt your cigarettes in planters . Smoking can steal dads from wives and their children ! 


I think back of all those years not so long ago and of those who went through the Spanish flu , polio , T B  , H1 N1 , Ebola and others , many of which we were fortunate not to have and only read about .  I think of the fires, the floods , the earthquakes , the famine and the drought and things in these past few years that have taken life after life, loved one after loved one . How did they get through ? With one another , love and support . 


None of that was in any ones control . How we treat each other is just like choosing not to smoke is something we can control . 

We can keep on smoking taking the risk that we or our loved ones won't get cancer and we can choose not to wear a mask as well , but when we do we take a risk that ourselves or someone else won't suffer the consequences .

Our choices matter . I hope all of us continue to keep quit and abide by the rules set out to help stop the virus and save lives . 


This outbreak has touched everyone in the world in some way healthy or not . It's has had no boundaries .

It's not chosen one group of people over another (although the young children seem the most immune to this.) and I am grateful for that because they are our future . They are our grandkids  

This pandemic has affected and tested governments  , doctors , nurses , essential workers , and families around the world . 


We will get through , but what will we have learned I think is the question .

Love thy neighbour ?  

      Care about you and only you ?

                 Live in peace ?

                          Be a friend ?

                                  Be grateful for your quit ?  

                                             Treat your lungs more respectfully ?    

                                                         Love life ? Live life ?

                                                                 Be kind? . Worry less ?

                                                                          Don't take things for granted? 

                                                                                    Appreciate the little things ? 

                                                                                                 All of the above ? 


Sorry for the winded long post lol . It got away on me lol .

Its been two days lol and three cups of coffee this morning lol


Have a great smoke free day everyone .

Maki .

Smoke free and mask on , while out .