Quitting smoking = change

Blog Post created by Maki on Apr 27, 2020

We have made changes for ourselves to keep our bodies as safe as we can from Covid19 .

Following guidelines and rules set out by governments and ourselves adhering to them and adding a few of our own restrictions , we do the best we can to stay healthy and stay safe . 

Each and every one of us is getting through covid not smoking . Have you realized this ? 

No matter how many days we are quit , we have found the strength to get through each and every day for better than a month or more , without smoking . 

We've found healthier avenues to cope . 

When I look at who I was as a smoker years ago and who I am now as an ex smoker , I see quitting changed a lot of things in me . 

What about you ? Have things changed as well for you ? I bet you as well can see change you didn't even realize was happening . If you are new I gaurentee you will in the future .


It all happens one day at a time . So subtle .

Physical and emotional scars , pain and hurt are healed from quitting smoking and lives are changed . All you have to do is focus on the goal to stay quit and it just happens . 


During this pandemic ... should I've still not quit , my ashtrays would have been full , my table bare , and food wouldn't have mattered . In fact in my smoke clouded haze people wouldn't have mattered. I would have been so focused on feeding my addiction , and focused how that need would get met . 


I would have been taking chances to buy cigarettes and even desperately risking my life to borrow one .

I may have thought if I'm going to die anyway I'm going to die happy. 


Smoking was always the one thing in life I thought I had control over , but I didn't fully understand what control was until quitting smoking taughtbme a very valuable understanding . Control is not power , it is peace and love , and calm . Cigarettes , harm and hurt and just don't care whose life they take  . 

I know I would have had anxiety even if I had my need or fix met.  I still would have been depressed and still been worried , but being an ex smoker has changed that . 

There is still anxiety , but there is peace . Still worry , but also a calm that many of us never experienced as smokers. 

There is still sadness because of covid and fear , yet still we can bring love laughter and hope to our loved ones and even to strangers we don't even know and perhaps for the first time ever , some will be talking to their neighbors  and neighbours helping and talking to them . 



I. m. Grateful this morning . 

Grateful for all those on the front lines, researchers, friends , neighbours , family and you .