It's the little things that count

Blog Post created by Maki on Apr 24, 2020

It's the little things that count . 

Every promotion is acquired by doing the work and attitude , but also how you relate with others . It's teamwork . It also takes dedication , perseverance , and patience one day at a time . Most don't go from being a labourer to CEO in a day . It takes hard work . It takes caring about yourself , setting goals and thinking and others besides yourself as well that makes a good CEO . 


Its the little things that count .

Every quit grows by doing the work , by attitude , dedication , perseverance and patience . The gain comes with your determination . Determination to stay quit .  Determination to reach your goal . You are your best cheerleader . You are your best resource . You know you best . It does takes hard work .  Its good to work hard . You know what it will take to achieve your goal .

The CEO of your quit is you . You call the shots .

What kind of boss will you be to yourself to insure a job well done with the love , kindness and respect you deserve . Those are little things that count and encourage one to succeed . 


Its the little things that count.

The little things that seem trivial in the beginning , but they lead to big things . 

In the beginning our quits were like weeds in a garden and when we decided to quit we decided we would clean things up , and prepare new soil , getting rid of those prickly thistles , the annoying ragweed and the persistent dandelion . We worked tirelessly for days , digging out the weeds , and laying new rich soil to produce good fruit .  The daily persistence and dedication to work hard produces the results . It will still take care and nurturing . If we stop the weeds grow back , if we keep going we beat them and have to maintain our hard work and the beauty will continueto grow . 


It's the little things that count .

What began as a mess is now an oasis and haven of beauty . A place of peace . A place of joy . A place for friends to come sit and visit over coffee in fresh clean air and oh , oh my what a beautiful site .  I'm glad we have so many wonderful places to visit . 


I. M. grateful