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Blog Post created by Maki on Apr 5, 2020

Is it ok 

Not to be positive 

Not to appreciate people trying to cheer you up 

Is it ok to be angry 

Ok to be sad

Ok to me mad 

Don't tell me we shouldn't feel the way we feel . 

We need to let it out 

Is it ok ?

Ok for us to feel this way 

We need our fears understood

Our quivering hearts assured

That we are not alone . 

That no one is on their own . 

Love can not seperate  

What we can not touch or hold . 



I wonder how many times we saw love in a cigarette .  Cigarettes did nothing for us . We inhaled and swallowed our emotions rather than recognizing we aren't alone in our struggle and it's ok to have emotions .  It's how we help and understand each other and help each other . There is a pandemic out there . It's scary .  There are no boundaries or walls that can't allow us to spread love . Love can't be stopped . It is greater than any virus . 

As we see right now , fear is bringing us closer together . We are loving each other from a distance and we still feel the love . Maybe some feel it even greater than before or for the first time ever .