Can't handle it today

Blog Post created by Maki on Apr 3, 2020

I'm a downer today . Isolation is getting to me too . Worry is getting to me for my family too . Prior to the pandemic I already had more than I could handle , now this and the after isn't looking great either . Someone tells me they don't feel great and my mind goes to the worst . I'm feeling unhelpful and depressed . 

I can't handle it so I'm putting it in Gods hands and going to hibernate in an isolated room for another day . Hopefully that will give me peace and hope . I'm going to turn off technology , tv and phones . 

Sorry for the pity party , but I needed to get it out how I'm feeling . No need for replies , I'm a natural born worrier not warrior .  Toilet paper is how I feel right now and is a the best word without sounding vulgar for a lady . The only good news is I don't want to smoke . Smoking is the last thing on my mind . 

Where is the sun and what day of the week is it ? 

Thanks for letting me get it off my chest . Literally anxiety was suffocating me . This safe space on Ex feels like the wide open spaces , peace and love that I love and cherish . 

No need to respond . This post will be deleted tomorrow . It will be a better day .. won't it ? 


Change the things I can . 

Maybe even later I'll feel better . Ya, I will .