Scary thoughts

Blog Post created by Maki on Mar 23, 2020

Well isn't this interesting . Almost nine years quit succeeding a previous eight year quit and the thought that my neighbor smokes and has cigarettes crossed my mind this morning .

It was a temporary thought , power of suggestion by the enemy that smoking would be a temporary fix for the long days ahead inside . Coffee on the deck , smoke in hand , ah ... 

But now the ah ha moment .. smoking is a killer , addiction is cunning , it's a thief and a liar . 

Any thoughts of smoking is dangerous and takes immediate action . 

So with that I wish you all health today .... I will be taking another me day away from technology . 

Technology , circumstances , and stress is really inviting nicotine into my world and singing a sour note ... but serving my higher power in song is much more powerful ( even if I can't sing lol)  .

Sing and the enemy flees .

Hmmmmmm ..... one way to keep everyone in their houses is for me to sing lol ..



Have a good day everyone . Prayers out to all .