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Blog Post created by Maki on Mar 22, 2020

No , smoking is not an option , it is not even a thought and that amazes this addict ! My gosh this self isolating to me is worse than quitting smoking ! I'm glad the price of cigarettes skyrocketed to an unaffordable price . First time I quit smoking was because I refused to pay 5 dollars  ... that didn't last . 


Human contact is vital to health ... not just texting but talking both on the phone and in person .  I know there are others feeling socially alone through this not just me .  Think I will call a few of those folks today  . Helping someone else will also help me . Kinda like us helping each other here quit smoking . It's like getting out of isolation . Maybe some of you will do that too . 


Change of thought ...


I can't imagine how old aged smokers who are still smoking will manage through this . I remember being in the hospital and desperately asking people , strangers even , if they would buy me a pack .. heck I even called a cab to buy them and deliver them , borrowed money to do so  . I took their name and address and sent money to them when I got home .. oh my , what an addict !  Think those packs cost me a ton that day with cab fare on top , but I didn't care ... I needed my fix. 

I appreciate my quit so much . Life is totally different .

                                                                                                Better ... 

                                                                                                                        Better than ever ! 


Change of thought : 


Yup this self isolation is definitely worse than quitting smoking for me .

I am a very social person and this is torture .... but this too shall pass . Soon I hope ! 

But instead of wallowing I'm going to do different , just like quitting smoking ... don't smoke , do something different. 


Today I am not sick , I am isolated, but not sick , my family is healthy , I don't know what the next hour will hold . Every day every hour is uncertain it seems but I'm grateful . I'm grateful I have food and shelter , friends and neighbors . I have clothes and shoes and my hair is kinda messy cause it's early and coffee comes first  lol . We can't get a hair cut due to closures and isolation but that's ok I always hated the growing out stage for a new hairstyle maybe that will happen . Wow ... that brings back memories .... 


Change of thought 


I remember cutting my hair when I was a kid , did you guys do that too ? 

Times change over the years , don't they . 

Toilet paper ? What was that ?  lol ... now we are scrambling for every roll we can get . 

Dumplings went a long way .. it was stretching the dollar and filled a grumbly tummy . 

Wouldnt it be great today for us old foggies if party lines came back , but I guess face time is great too if I can learn how to work it lol . 


Change of thought : 

I gotta stop lol

Coffee is ready ... 


Maki .