Desperate Smoker Turned Ex Smoker

Blog Post created by Maki on Mar 18, 2020

Smoking has not come to mind what so ever . I hope for you who are just starting your quit that you are taking care of you . Quitting is one of the best things you can do for you and others right now. 


You don't have to run out to buy cigs putting yourself at risk or others of getting sick  . 


Remember how we were as smokers ? 

Guaranteed a desperate smoker will want a puff of yours or to borrow one and that exchange could be putting each other at a higher risk of contracting this virus and spreading it . That may seem trivial or out of porportion or exaggeration to you but is it ? The reality is we all have to work together and find more ways even on our own to minimize spread . Like drinking out of the same cup I hope smokers won't share smokes . 


Love being quit . The ex smoker and non smoker won't have to run out for a puff 20 to 40 times today . 

Forty times a day I was out there smoking before I quit . Kinda makes me sick to think of that now . 

The ex smoker won't have to spend money on them .... money that is much needed to get through this difficult time today , tomorrow , and in the future . 

Not smoking will give us all a better chance to fight this virus should it hit our lungs .

Smoking kills your immune system ... something right now ..... you need to be it's strongest . 


You can cope without smoking . Its worth it . Keep going. Don't go back . Keep moving forward . 


Do you see now how smoking was so stressful ? Life is totally different being an ex . So grateful I am an ex ! 

Elders will tell you the difference it made in their life . We want you to feel that same peace too . We want you to be motivated to stay the course . The community is here to lean on . Reach out , don't smoke .