Be calm

Blog Post created by Maki on Mar 16, 2020

Two things we all control today . 

To not smoke and to remain calm . 


This place ...  the Ex .... is safe , positive , calm and uplifting .


So grateful that the Ex is a place of calm I can come each day while I'm basically self isolating ( just a precaution) .  I don't need to be out l so why be out .  Lung related illness due to smoking asthma and immunodeficiency are just three reasons I stay quit and the reason I quit smoking and I want to stay that way .


I like calm , my body likes calm , chronic illness can be worrisome . Anxiety creates fear and anger and none of those things help anything . The body likes calm . We feel better when we are calm . 


Had this crisis happened nine years ago I'd have been a frantic mess . Having food in the house would not have been a thought  or toilet paper either nor would have making extra soup in case one of my family or a neighbor gets sick ..... but cigarette hording certainly would have . It would have been priority . I'd have fought for the last carton on the shelf as if it were my life .


I'm so glad I can choose to be both calm today and be smoke free today , aren't you . 

That's the feeling of peace.