Day in the life of a ...

Blog Post created by Maki on Mar 9, 2020

Not going to write about smoking today , instead I'm going to or share with you about a day in the life of an ex smoker. 


I had an awesome afternoon yesterday . Visited a local coffee shop with friends . Musical friends.This little coffee shop is quaint and cozy , wonderful decore  , couches and coffee tables , fireplace , friendly staff . You just walk in and just feel at home you know . 

I enjoyed some hot hot chilli and freshly baked rolls , a specialty coffee , some great country swing musicians and vocalists , some relaxing folk music , some two stepping country music and OK just a bit about smoking all cost less than a pack .

There were four young adults (likely in their 30s ) who came to dance  . 

My gosh folks those young people have had to have had professional training . Amazing !  Watching them took ten years off my age lol . The joy on their faces , the inspiration , such energy , positivity and life .


Ex smoker .