Done city here we come .

Blog Post created by Maki on Feb 18, 2020

Between you and me now shhhhh .... has one of these thoughts ever crossed your mind?
"Just one cigarette and no one will ever know ? "
"No one will ever see this but me? "
"Just one and then I’ll get serious about my quit ? "
" I’ll just smoke this butt , thats all . "

" Just this one measly butt ; one measly puff , maybe two ? " Have you ever looked for the one that will give you more puffs ? Went frantically looking for "just one" ? 
That is the RED FLAG thats telling you that your quit is in danger ! You are headed the wrong way ! Your quit is on JEOPARDY STREET !
ROMANCE STREET is the first sign you will come across if you are headed there .

QUITTING STREET is a one way street . If you are facing traffic ... look out ! You are headed the WRONG WAY .
THERE IS good news :
U turns are allowed on QUITTING STREET but turning back from where you came is NOT. You see , your vehicle doesn't have a reverse gear . I took that out ... lol , sorry . You can however turn around anytime .
Be careful though because more than you think have gotten lost on QUITTING STREET . Be sure to follow those who are going in the right direction .
Its unfortunate that there has been more than one driver confused by the signs on QUITTING STREET , you are not alone . What happens is they detour on GIVE UP STREET when they should have taken KEEP GOING street . Many crashes could have been avoidable had they read the sign .
You are the driver of a beautiful journey ahead . You are the driver that will take you to the city of DONE . You choose the mode of transportation . Car , bike , motor bike , semi . You choose to drive slow or fast . Speed limit in this imaginary story is not a factor . There are no fines . However smoking is heavily fined and the cost is high .wheres the money going ?  It's in BIG T's pocket. 

On this journey there will be hills and mountains to climb where you'll need to step on the gas going up and brake going down . There will be curves with some pretty tight corners and of course there will be construction , LORDY Lordy , lots of construction ( what good road doesn't lol ) and the weather may be a factor too but being in DONE CITY everything is worth it .
You can choose your route . You can choose to go via Romance Road many many times but I'll tell ya that's the long way. It could take years .

You can also go on CIRCLE DRIVE . That the over and over again route . Up to to you but the quickest way to DONE City is A VERY clear cut simple route .
Follow the signs to FREEDOM RD then to DO IT RD and your there : DONE CITY .


                                                                                                                  Maki / sjl 2020 


This story was inspired by a video on u tube called "Leaving the city of regret ".  I highly recommend watching it . 

It was also inspired by Angel lady who posted that version in print on the Q years and years ago . 

This is my version to fit us all quitting smoking .  I started it way back just several years into my quit and have revised it several times over the years . It's been fun to play with , but last night it all came together . I think now it's DONE . I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun writing it , but mostly I hope in some way it helps with your quit and that it continues to be a reminder to us all that a road well travelled and worth the trip is to DONE CITY . 

Have a great smoke free day . 


Maki / sjl.