The small print

Blog Post created by Maki on Feb 12, 2020


I received a call for assessment yesterday in regard to upcoming pulmonary rehab classes that I will be attending in March . I have PFT tests yearly . 

Tomorrow I am slated for a Doppler ultrasound to check for blocked arteries .


Thing about smoking is this :

It can appear as though smoking is doing no damage at all when in fact we have to realize that every puff is doing some kind of damage somewhere .


The damage is caused by us feeding the cause ... the longer we choose NOT to quit . 

Today I CHOOSE to inhale fresh air . Not only do my lungs , but my entire body thanks me for it . 

Stay warm , stay cool , stay dry , stay quit , stay positive , walk . 

                       Distract , delay , discuss, drink water , take some deep breathes and don't smoke . 

                                             Quitting is doable . It is worth it . You are worth it .