Checking In

Blog Post created by MaineCoast on Sep 16, 2020

The last time I wrote was on my year anniversary of quitting smoking. I remember that day clearly. It was full of quiet celebration and worry and strife. At that point, my father who had a successful double lung transplant was still in critical condition in the ICU at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. My year celebration consisted of me being by his bedside all day with worry....lots of worries. 

I have not been on the site since then. 

On December 24, 2019, my father, my hero, my best friend passed away. While almost 9 months have passed since that day, I am still actively grieving the loss. For those who have lost a parent, you will understand. My world will never be the same again. Half of my being has been ripped out and I am slowly trying to heal this hollow part of me. 

I am proud to say that in a month and a half I will be celebrating my 2 year anniversary. Somehow I had the strength to continue on my journey as a non-smoker. While I am not entirely sure how this happened, I am certainly glad it did. 

So this is just me...checking in...letting the world know that I still exist even if it feels like I don't most days. 

All my best to each and every one of you <3