Month Mark

Blog Post created by MaineCoast on Dec 1, 2018

Well I did it! I made it 1 month! I have only quit for this long once before.  I’m feeling good, feeling proud.  


Last night was a true test of my quit.  I went out to a bar for my friend’s birthday.  This particular group of friends are largely smokers.  I knew it was going to be difficult.  In anticipation for this difficultly I brought along a non-smoking friend who was well aware of how hard it was going to be for me.  Each and every time the group went outside to smoke she distracted me and kept me throughly entertained.  She was certainly a big part of my success last evening.  


I had such a mix of emotions last night.  One part of me thought I was missing out on key conversation by not going outside. Another was grateful to not miss the conversations happening inside.  One part of me was sad for my friends that were smoking, another was sad for myself to not be smoking.  One part of me was excited that no one noticed I was not smoking with them, even though I have been doing it for years.  The other part of me was extremely sad that they didn’t notice I was not partaking.  The mind is an amazing thing isn’t it?


When it was all said and done, I drove 4 hours without a cigarette, and sat at a bar for 4 hours without smoking a cigarette.  WOW! I’m excited to keep gaining strength in my quit.  Although I will not be putting myself in one of those situations again, soon.  It was tough!