2 Weeks In

Blog Post created by MaineCoast on Nov 14, 2018

Well I have officially been a non smoker for 2 weeks now! It feels amazing.  I have noticed some key differences in this quit compared to previous attempts.  These differences make me feel like this is my forever quit.  This will be the time it finally sticks! Each previous time I tried to quit I always had to try after an event I knew I would want to smoke at. For example “I’ll quit after New Year’s because I know I will want to smoke when I’m out on the town” or “I can’t quit right now, it’s too close to my birthday and I don’t need that stress on my big day”. This time I had the opposite happen.  I could only think of events happening in my life that I didn’t want to smoke for.  For example....I am spending Thanksgiving with my family and I don’t smoke around my neices and nephews.  Normally as a smoker this day would be long and hard.  I would have an attitude by the end of the day but it would only be because I hadn’t smoked in so long.  That is something that I didn’t want to deal with this year.  And guess what? I won’t have to because this year I am a non smoker! 


Another big difference is that I am not *language alert* bitchy this time. To some, that may be a small thing but for’s HUGE;) Earlier this year I tried to quit and my best friend and boyfriend both asked me to start again. Not sound advice but it just goes to show that mind is really over matter.  I wasn’t ready then, but I am so ready now.  It’s nice to be level headed and calm this time.  It’s like my mind just knows that enough is enough.  


There is one thing happening in this second week that I really hope stops soon. I am having a hard time sleeping.  I am a grad student, have a full-time job and have clinicals twice a week.  I need sleep and I am not getting it.  Anyone else have this problem during their second week?