Back in the Saddle

Blog Post created by Madyzsgocka on Aug 10, 2017

Hi Everyone. I've been lurking around here all day, so I figured it's time I say hello. For those of you that know me, you know I've been on this journey with you all since just before EX1. I quit in April 2011, but that quit didn't last a year. Nine months ago, after approximately 3 half-assed attempts to quit in the previous 4 years, I finally had had enough of the madness and quit on Nov. 19th, 2016 for what I consider the last time. This is my forever quit. I hate cigs now, and want nothing to do with them ever again. All the smokers in my family die in their mid-60's or younger, and that is just too damm young for me. I have 8 grandkids. I want to live to see them all graduate college, lol. Anyway....I"m gonna try my best to come check in here often, and I get email notifications, so if I can help anyone with anything, just give me a shout. My name's Karen. Nice to meet all you new people. ♥