Day 11 - Fights

Blog Post created by Mac2222 on Nov 15, 2017

Hi everyone. So, I'm still going strong without a smoke. Day 11. I am very grateful, and I keep reminding myself "no matter what." 


Unfortunately, I am fighting very badly with my fiance. It seems like we are fighting every time we are together. I feel like anything I say is triggering a fight. I honestly have no idea what is reality anymore. I feel like he's being really argumentative, and twisting my words, and blaming everything on me and the quit. Maybe he is right. I know for sure that I am sensitive and moody and experiencing anger. 


I've thought about smoking a few times today to soothe the discomfort from our fighting. 


I'm not going smoke no matter what. But, man... I am really starting to feel like I am losing my mind, and my love. I am actually scared; and also feeling righteous--**** him! I am really annoyed with myself.