Names in celebrations aren't very active here

Blog Post created by MDR_BDel on Sep 17, 2019

Mark just posted the celebration that mentioned my 50 days and I looked to see who was there with me.  Not one other people in the 50 club has logged on within the last month it looked like.  


Then I looked at the 100 and 150 club too and same thing.  Almost everyone signs up and then within a week or two disappear.  Kind of depressing how many people can't get through hell/heck week. Out of 30 people total I am the only one still active on here. I hope that doesn't mean I am the only one still quit out of them.  I do not want to deter any new quitters either.  You will be so much happier after a few weeks of no smoking! 


Definitely makes me cherish how far I have come and gives me more motivation to keep going.