Day 4 for the 50th time it seems, but the last time!

Blog Post created by MDR_BDel on Jul 31, 2019

So I have been struggling to quit again since I lost my quit of almost two years last October.  I have been on and off smoking since and went all of January without a smoke.  I go 1 week here, 2 weeks there and currently I am on day 4 for what seems like the 50th time quiting this year and need to keep off smoking for good.  With sooooo much experience in going through the first 3-5 days of quiting it really is not that bad for the people here ready to start their quit.  Definitely have some mental debates with the nicodemon trying to convince me to go get a pack, but doesn't last long and a little aggravated at everything as well.  The hardest part is staying quit when you have that mental debate and you think you can have "just one". I do not get much in the form of physical withdrawal other than the digestive track learning how to deal with no tobacco which doesn't last more than 1-2 days.  


Posting on here for a little accountability from the group so I see this one through for good.  I am really over smoking and do not enjoy anything about it.  I come to the site and read other blogs/posts but rarely post myself.  My dad is coming in town this weekend to see my kids, and I do not smoke in front of him, so I 100% will be good through the 1st week. Funny how I am in my late 30's, but still feel ashamed to smoke in front of my parents.  Good thing though for this weekend as it will assist me early in my quit.  


I will check in every once in a while to give updates.  One last thing - with my vast experience in quiting I have found that exercising every day early in my quit has helped cope with not smoking.