It hasn’t been easy

Blog Post created by Lvyles on Jul 29, 2018

Well, it’s day 5 and the toughest so far for me.  For whatever reason, the cravings have been insane and much more difficult for me to fight off.  I continue to reference my quit list to reinforce to myself why I’m doing this. As much as I have looked at it, I discovered one big reason that I didn’t list....major dental issues.  I never associated my numerous dental issues with smoking but the more I think about my father and his smoking, the more I remember him without teeth.  


I’m finding it difficult to concentrate and I’m sure it will pass but since boredom is a trigger for me, I need to get my concentration back soon so I can stay on the path of a non smoker. 


I am am truly thankful for this group. I stumbled on it but have read so many inspirational and uplifting stories that I know I can do this with the amazing amount of support here.