Blog Post created by LoisLL on Nov 17, 2019

I have made it 10 days Quit. My dearest friend said she got to 11 days quit smoking and smoked. I’m competitive and I believe it’s not so much the competition now; as I am done with smoking. I have been on Wellbutrin for months because I tried to quit months ago. It’s not a sudden decision. I stayed on the Wellbutrin and started the 21 mg patch because my doctor ensured me that I needed all I can get. That’s where I came upon the Ex community. I am so grateful I did. I’ve learned so much from people who have gone and are going through what I am.

I worried about weight gain and decided it was worth it. I gained 10 pounds before I even quit. I suppose it was due to nervous eating!! I the gained and loss 10 more pounds since! 10 is my number today! 

I feel healthier and I can smell things that I haven’t been able to smell in a long time. ie the cold air and leaves; my food; perfume; leather. I can smell a cigarette a mile away!! I know all these the benefits will get better. I downloaded a chart which shows how much money and time I’ve saved just not smoking. It’s amazing!! All the things you can do without stopping to smoke!