My quit date is my birthday

Blog Post created by LoisLL on Oct 14, 2019

My quit date is my birthday, November 8, 2019. I started using some options to combat my triggers. If I really think about smoking before I smoke and ask myself why, I usually don’t smoke that cigarette. By the time I pull up ex and type in why, I decide it’s  not worth it! I’m in recovery so i have decided to also apply the 12 step programs to help me. I need all the help I can get!!  The biggest decision I need make is: do I use the patch. Then lozenges are nasty. 25 more days until I give myself the best birthday gift ever. 


I have unrestricted comments for this blog. I regret I may have missed some really helpful feedback. I’m committed to my quit date November 8th.  I welcome all comments.