Whatever it takes

Blog Post created by Lisaml on Jun 7, 2018

Smoking kills. Sometimes quick and deadly, like sudden cardiac death with no warning. Sometimes a slow and agonizing cancer diagnosis. And many ways in between. 


Theres no way around it. Smoking is a lethal hobby. I’ve spent years inflicting this torture on my lungs, heart, vessels, etc. 

So when I quit, it doesn’t matter if I chose NRT, chantix, vaping, whatever. 


Whatever it takes to get you through this next hour? Do it. Because there is nothing you can do that is more deadly than continuing to smoke, or starting up again. Sometimes, hour by hour is the best we can do. And, it’s good enough! 


I have never written about this before, but early  in my quit I was desperate. I had to quit the chantix because of side effects. I really felt that I would relapse. (This was in the first weeks of my quit). 

I went to a vape store and got ZERO nicotine vape pen, paid for it, and went on my way. I used it sporadically for a couple weeks. I remember looking at the clerk in the shop, and thinking “this person just saved my life.”

And I meant it. Still do. I probably would have relapsed, and then there is no telling if and when I would ever quit again. 


My point tonight, we are all on this same path together. Some of us just bring different supplies. 

But please, if you are in jeopardy of relapse, please revisit your quit plan. It’s OK to make changes. Talk to a doctor. A friend. Blog here to brainstorm. We all use different tools, but we are all doing the same work. Please, whatever it takes to keep your quit today. 

We can deal with just about anything for a day, and before you know it, the crisis is over. 


This is a reminder for me, 148 days and still vulnerable. Happy, growing more confident, but still vulnerable.