Car wrecks and bad checks

Blog Post created by Lisaml on Jun 4, 2018

seriously This is my life??!?


This morning, I stalled in the parking lot of target. It seems  a dead battery. Frustrating because I just took my car last week for a 50,000 mile service.

As I was waiting on AAA, an older gentleman backed into my car. Took the bumper nearly all the way off. 


So so now I have a dead battery and a torn up car. 


And its 0900 am on a Sunday. 


AND the first of the month was Friday. My pay check was not credited to my account yet. (It will be posted Monday, no big deal) But, that puts a wrench in the plans for the weekend!! 


COME ON, whoever in this place is in charge of the karma. I’ve tried to be a nice person. This is ridiculous. Now I will have to take a day off or two to deal with my body shop and insurance. OMG! 


If you’ve hung in this long, thanks lol. I hope you feel better about YOUR day. :-) 


but guess what? As much as I was seething and fuming today? Didn’t even cross my mind to smoke. 

The “old” me would have chain smoked 5 cigs waiting for the police report, 2 more driving home, stopped to buy another pack, and had several more “rage smokes” and STILL been mad and frustrated. It was helpful to know that I felt NO DIFFERENT dealing with this onslaught of frustrations without a cigarette in hand. 



Happy Sunday, not always a Funday!