Health scares and smoking

Blog Post created by Lisaml on May 10, 2018

to make a long story short, I’ve been absent over the last week or so, not very active on this site and I’m sorry. 

You have all been such great support and cheerleaders! 

So I had a pretty big scare, had to have some big surgery, and am on day 6 of recovery. 

This was a female issue, not related to smoking, BUT...

thank GOD I had quit in January, as my surgery and subsequent recovery would have been so much different and definetly more difficult. 

I had 2 days before the surgery, in which I really REALLY was stressed. It was excruciatingly difficult not to self medicate with smoking, because I was so afraid. 

alas, I made it, I’m healthy, and did NOT smoke over any of it. Back to work on Monday, with a new lease on life!!!!!


the moral of the story, life happens. Smoking would have complicated my care plan. It would have jeopardized my recovery, and it was NOT required. 


Peace and hugs hugs to all!!!!! Xoxox