Blog Post created by Lisaml on Mar 2, 2018

Well if I didn't have a calendar I would SWEAR this is day 5ish for me. Woke up this morning and thought it would be lovely to sit out on the deck with my coffee and a smoke. 

Wait, Whattt???? 

I don't do that anymore. 

Its day 53/54. So why am I looking in my purse? (The new one, without the smoke-stash pocket) 

distract, read, walk the dogs, stay busy. 3 hours later, it is STILL on the forefront of my mind. 

My rationale brain recognizes the addictive part of my brain is trying to get attention. Like a bratty toddler. Thts about how it feels today. Pestering me like a 3 year old who hasn't had a nap. 

Anyway, not a chance I will light up today, but I do predict today to be a little "ugly". 

I hope someone who is just entering NML will read this, understand and take to heart that the struggle is not over, we cannot let our guards down, but we can, and I WILL get over this rough patch today. 

Whew;-) I feel better already!