One Year

Blog Post created by Lisajane46 on Oct 27, 2018

I have not been on this site for some time, but I wanted to give an update on my current status.  Yesterday I was One Year Clean from smoking.  When I first gave up, each day seemed to be a milestone, then suddenly it was months and now I have made it to One Year.  Sometimes it seems hard to believe that I smoked, and that I smoked for so long.  My health is better, I have more money in the bank, and I no longer feel embarrassed about smoking.  The best thing is that I no longer smell like a smoker, and I can tell you that I can smell a smoker from 100 metres now!!  The journey will never stop, I have to be on my guard as we are all only one away from a packet a day!!  But to all those out there starting their journey, you can do it!!  I used to read the posts of people who had made one year and thought that would never be me, but here I am.  Keep it up, you can do it, you do not need to smoke.  I have had stressful days, stuff has gone wrong, but I no longer even think about smoking.


PS I did put on weight, but only 3kgs and that is nothing in the big scheme of things.