Nearly Triple Figures

Blog Post created by Lisajane46 on Feb 2, 2018

So tomorrow I will hit triple figures.. Day 100.  I am now at the point that I can go all day and not even think about smoking.  It is still something that I think about in the morning sometimes, and I have had some awful smoking dreams and when I wake up I am so disappointed in myself and then realise it is a dream and I am sooooo relieved.  There has been a lot of stressful days over the last 99 days, but I have never felt the need to have a smoke as I DO NOT DO THAT ANYMORE.  


Went to the doctors and had a complete check up for peace of mind.  Got all clear results and that was a relief, funny how once you have stopped smoking and lying to yourself how you start to realise the damage that you may have done to yourself....  but I can't look back, only forward.


Have a great day everyone and remember NOPE