Day 88 Hard to Believe

Blog Post created by Lisajane46 on Jan 22, 2018

I have made it to 88 days.  Some days are good and others I have some cravings.  BUT.. everyday is easier than the last.  In 12 days I would have made it to 100 days, and during this whole time I have just decided that smoking is not an option.  The only way that I would start again would be if I actively went and brought a packet and I just have decided that I am not going to waste my money on something that is going to kill me.  I checked my app on my phone today and I have saved over $2000.00 in 88 days. 


I love not smoking, I love not smelling of smoke, I love not having to plan my days around when I can have a smoke.  I love that I can sit in a meeting and not think about when we are going to have a break so that I can have a smoke.

I love having my life back!!!  For all of you out there that are just starting, believe me, it is worth it, and soon you just don'e even think about it.  Some days I can go all day without thinking about smoking, it is not until someone mentions smoking that I think about it.  


Don't get me wrong, it was not all plain sailing, in the beginning there was sleeping issues, stomach issues!!!, weight gain (3kg) that I am working to get off, but in reality I probably needed to put this weight on as I was underweight. But everyday it just got a little bit easier.  One thing that really helped me was reading everything on this site, and anything that I could find on the internet.  Education is key.