4 Years

Blog Post created by LisaAnnIndy74 on May 1, 2018

If you would have asked me 4 years ago I f I thought I would have been able to keep my quit this long, I would have said No. But here I am, and let me tell you, It feels amazing!! Quitting for me always seemed like something I wouldn't be able to obtain. I had so many failed attempts, tried so many tools to help and nothing worked for me.Then I had a Cardiologist tell me that I had a hole in my heart that I was originally told my my old cardiologist had gone away. He proceeded to tell me that I would need surgery to close it and that I had NO CHOICE, I had to quit smoking. So I did. I guess when your in the position of not having a choice, you just do it. I know, I know, sure there was another choice, continue to smoke and jeopardize my heart and health even further. NO THANK YOU! I took the route to better health and the rest of my life. I knew I needed help though. I slapped a patch on but that only lasted about 4 days. I also found this amazing website full of amazing people going through the same thing I was. Trust me when I say this place was and is a God send to so many. I haven't been in here in awhile, Life has a way of keeping us from things at times. I want all of you new Exers to know that IT IS POSSIBLE!!! You can quit, you will overcome your addiction!!! You just have to stick to it. Everyday you wake up you have to tell yourself that you will not smoke today under any circumstances. Commit to your quit on a daily basis. Come in here to blog, ask question, read articles or just to talk to help you get your mind off of it. We all care about you. We have all been there. Always know that you are worth your quit!!! Tell yourself YOU CAN and YOU WILL!! HANG IN THERE!! Trust me, it does get easier. Need a friend just message me here!!!

Love & Hugs to you all!!!

Lisa- Celebrating 4 years of being smoke free todayI can and I will