It's been awhile

Blog Post created by LisaAnnIndy74 on Apr 20, 2017

It's been awhile since I wrote a blog post. May 1st is coming up and it will be my Anniversary date. I still cannot believe I made it! I did it!!! I believed I could and I did!! Now don't get me wrong I had my moments, just read my earlier blog posts. I want everyone who is new to their quit or about to quit that you all can accomplish it! You all have the strength, the power and all of us here in this amazing group!!! Don't be afraid to ask questions, to reach out. Read people's posts. Educate yourself as much as you can. But most importantly, don't give up!! Remember: NOPE: Not One Puff Ever

    Love and hugs to you all!!! 

I set myself free from the smoke cloud I was living in on May 1st 2014.