Understanding the need to give Support

Blog Post created by Lisa1030 on Nov 30, 2017

Greetings to Everyone,

I have been remiss in not being here very much, so I thought I should update my blog, and let you all know, that 1. I am still a non smoker, and 2. I find myself encouraging others I care about to quit smoking.


I heard a new "excuse" the other day, for trying to stay off smoking; She said I am not smoking, only smelling it.  Ugh was my first thought, why would you put a lighted cigarette near your face/nose and inhale the smoke from the burning end?


So, I kindly excused myself , went a few many really yards away, and almost dissolved into a mass of hysterical laughter...but then said to self: Self, she is only kidding herself, go back, and talk to her, find out her reason for wanting second hand smoke.


About an hour, into the conversation with her, I still had no idea why this was a good idea to her. I did notice that during our time, she never did light up.


I finally realized, and to paraphrase an old song, Hello, smoking my old friend, I have come to be with you again... smoking was her friend in times of need, or so she thought.


What was needed is new non smoking friends, to do things with, and be around, so that the support was better, healthier, and constant.


So that is what we are here good support, constant in times of need, and with that happy understanding, I wish you all great non smoking days/nights/ weeks/months/years....