November 15

Blog Post created by Lindsey_VanRemington on Nov 12, 2017

Seems like a solid quit date. I like the way November 15th sounds. I planned on quitting smoking when I ended my employment. 


 But, it ended at the end of August, and I'm still smoking.


 I enjoyed September focusing on a new home and housework routine. October was a bumpy, emotional month, and November has been stretched with psychological introspection. I still have access to Allen Carr's easy way book, and though I'm ready now to quit, I'm scared at how weak I've been in almost every other aspect of my life; being a mom, wife, friend, homesteader, and housekeeper, so: I'm giving myself two days to possibly throw a fit or whatever I need to do to make that happen Wednesday. 


I know I'm ready. I've found a great homemaker coach on YouTube, I am hooked on Jordan Peterson ("if you're about to say something and it doesn't feel right in your gut, shut up!"), and I know this community is a supportive place for the quitting smoking/addiction aspect of my life overhaul. 


11-09-17, 11-10-17

Woke each night between midnight and 3am with uncontrollable coughing, runny nose, and shortness of breath. Took 30-45 min to return to sleep. 


I am am blessed to be a stay at home mother and a wife with a duty to fill. I have a laundry list of things to create and smoking is literally stealing so much from my life, and I'll save that for next time.