It’s difficult

Blog Post created by Lindsey3803 on Dec 6, 2018

To quit smoking is one of the more difficult things I’ve attempted to do. I started smoking at a very young age, without my parents knowing. I was able to keep my smoking habit under the table until I was about 18, and my parents begged me to stop, but I was already addicted. I never thought about what smoking did to my body, only that it helped me with my anxiety and depression, which I realize now it really didn’t.  I had decided months ago to quit, but I could never bring myself to it. But three days ago I decided I was done, I haven’t done to well to be honest, but I’m not smoking a pack a day. I’ve managed to cut down to about 5 a day and now it’s even harder than it was cutting from 20 to 5. But I will do this! 

I decided enough was enough when I got an upper respiratory infection that never went away, and as I type this I’m getting ready to go to the doctor again, I was unable to sleep last night because of the sharp pains in my chest. And hopefully an upper respiratory infection is all I have. And hopefully with some medication and the cigarettes out of my life, I can finally get back on track with my life! Thank you everyone for being so supportive, and I wasn’t really sure about what to include in this blog, so I apologize if I rambled for to long. I hope you all have a great day!