Ahead of Schedule

Blog Post created by Lindaholbrook22 on Jan 4, 2018

My quit date was planned for Monday, January 8th. However, I have not smoked for TWO DAYS in a row. So I'm going for it! I have been able to go a few days in the past but when stress came along, followed by the cravings and "mindset" that smoking IS the only way out....I'd feel POWERLESS to say NO! Thanks to the resources and support I've found here, I feel much better equipped to "fight the demon".....not "feed the demon". The "demon" is a visual I pictured yesterday, kind of like a gremlin, once I understood what was happening within me with regards to the addiction, triggers and cravings.  I plan to STARVE it....until it dries up and shrivels away.  


(I sound tough don't I?....but I have the "fear" in this yet..... of all the cravings, past failures, lack of follow through, etc) I just feel I have now created an arsenal to fight it this time. I even bought a beautiful adult coloring book with an impressive box of colored gel ink to color with. Kind of like the 144 Ct box of Crayola crayons. Feeling special!       


So it's game ON! TWO days down, my entire future FREE life to go!     for me if you do.