Blog Post created by LindaLouise on Mar 28, 2019

Wow it just never stops... c'est la vie!


I haven't checked in in a while, yes, life gets so busy as we all know. I am coming up on 100 DOF!!!!! I am so excited about that. I have 93 DOF days now and although I can't say it's been easy, I am still very happy to be QUIT!!!!!


Some people have supported me here and I am so grateful for that, despite my sporadic entries, I really do think that this site and the individuals on it have helped me get to this point. Thank YOU.


My new grandson is growing cuter and bigger and more beautiful as the days pass. Nothing more wonderful than to hold your baby's baby!  


I wanted to update some of you about my feral kitties and my medical issues and staying smoke free. Some of the story is too sad to talk about but circumstances led to my taking one of the kittens home from the shelter, Yes, that makes four!!!!! Somehow we will manage...


TigerLily is quite a remarkable kitty. He's got personality like you wouldn't believe. He rips around the house and up and down stairs and he has become friends with Weezy. Having a kitten around is such fun!


I was starting to feel better from the medical disaster that happened around my birthday and now it seems I have sciatica. OUCH!!! I don't care it's no reason to light up!


Here's to all you happy quitters out there!!!

LuLu Loves you!!!!!