The Happy Quit

Blog Post created by LindaLouise on Dec 25, 2018

Good Morning and a Merry Christmas to you! I am so happy that I have finally begun Freedom from cigarettes. I had my last cigarette when I woke up this morning and NOW I AM FREE! I could not be more delighted! I am free as long as I CHOOSE to be!!! I have made my decision and now I need only to honor that decision. I am feeling very good about this quit. I read quite a few times the "The Little Book of Quitting" I GET Alan Carr's wisdom. YIPPEE I AM FREE! I am not deluding myself to think that it is all going to be sunshine and roses, Life happens and some very terrible things happen to us and to those we love. That does not take away the Love and friendships and a multitude of beautiful things that this life can bring. I wish you all a happy day filled with Love and Blessings. I think that I am going to do as Dale suggests, LAUGH when I get a craving or strong urge. I am so happy right now that I am DONE WITH CIGARETTES!!!

Do I miss the nasty things? N.O.P.E.!!!