Still Enjoying Life

Blog Post created by Linda239 on Apr 23, 2017

It has been some time since I have been on this site.  I am still enjoying my quit which began 1-8-13.  I still have never even puffed on a cigarette since then.  I am enjoying life now without cigarettes and still never have regretted quitting.  I recently retired after 27 years, I now have a grandbaby, Dean, who was born 1-24-17 and I can enjoy all of this without smoking or the horrible health issued associated with smoking.  My sister who quit with me went back to smoking and now has COPD.  A very close friend of mine recently passed away from COPD, and another friend of mine is now battling lung cancer which occurred after many years of smoking.  So far I am doing well and cannot say enough about how great it is without smoking.

That said, please stick with your quit.  It is hard for only a short time and the rewards are the best!  Please listen to those of us who have been there and hopefully you too will be ever so happy.