Day 200!! (& counting)

Blog Post created by LexyLuna on Mar 23, 2018

Hello everyone! It's crazy that today is my 200th day. I had forgotten to check my quit counter for a while since I haven't even been thinking about it. It's funny because there was a time where I'd check it multiple times a day, where my hand was still reaching for my lighter every time I got in my car. But now not smoking is second nature. 


Since I last wrote, things just keep improving. I got a new job at a flower nursery and we've been very busy planting all the flowers for the upcoming season. I love not feeling the need breathe carbon dioxide anywhere near the plants, because they don't like that. I'm not even sure if I would've applied to the job if I was a smoker, but not having this addiction hanging over me has opened the world. I don't have to think the ever so common question "Where am I gonna smoke?" when considering anything. I can drive around town and not feel guilty. I can focus for longer periods of time and not want a break. I'm not sure if this is just because of the smoking, or the other lifestyle changes, but I can actually meditate again. For a while, I wouldn't be able to sit still for any period of time because I would automatically want to smoke. That is no longer an issue for me. 


I lost nothing by quitting, I only gained my life back. Sometimes I am baffled by how long I chose to use my own money to poison myself. Sometimes I forget to appreciate the joy of not smoking, but I should definitely stop to be grateful, because there was so much freedom in this choice. 


I wish everyone happy quits! N.O.P.E.