Day 2

Blog Post created by LexyLuna on Sep 5, 2017

The end of yesterday and today has been a little more difficult than the morning of Day 1. I had to face a few of my triggers today: driving, getting out of work, and having minor stress about money. I got irrationally mad at a song, too, which lead to tears, but not to smoking.  And I think I need some more sleep tonight cause I couldn't sleep very well and now I feel off today. It doesn't help that there's forest fires in my state and the entire sky is smoky and raining ash. Atleast it not my smoke and my ash. 


As far as my attitude about cigarettes, I still don't miss them. It was really nice not having to choke myself as soon as I woke up. I didn't have to worry about smelling like smoke at work or feel guilty about picking up my cat. The nicotine is almost out of my system. 


Since I don't have a computer, I have to use the mobile site here so sorry if it takes a while to rrespond to my blog posts. I'm still getting used to the new set up and it's kinda hard to navigate. But I love reading all the comments! Thank you everyone who chooses to share their knowledge with the world!