1 Week till Quitting

Blog Post created by LexyLuna on Aug 28, 2017

Hello Exes!


My name is Lexy and I'm 24 years old. I started smoking when I was 19 and this will my 6th time attempting to quit.  I have been to this site a few years back under the pseudonym "Angel Wings" but I wanted a fresh start so I made a new account. I left because after a year and a half of quitting, I stupidly started again, but I'm happy to say that I am a ready to embark again, ready to rid myself of my nicodemon once and for all. 


I am doing this because no 24 year old should have chest pains and be short of breath from a flight of stairs. I shouldn't wake up feeling sick and I shouldn't let my life be controlled by poison. I want my hobbies back, I want my passion of life back, but I feel my days are clouded by my addiction. I want my health back, my singing voice back. I don't want to feel guilty about polluting the air. I moved to the beautiful state of Oregon within the last year and I want to be able to hike the amazing trails without having to stop to rest. If I continue to live like this, I'm paying for my own death and giving my hard earned cash to millionaires who poison people for a living. It sounds crazy when I put it like that but it's the truth. I can't keep avoiding it. 


I'm back here because this site helped me so much during my longest quit. It keeps me accountable if I tell other people and the encouraging words kept me going.  My plan is to re-read Allen Carr (for the 3rd time), go cold turkey, and utilize all the resources on this site. I do have a support system at home. My boyfriend who's also a smoker wants to quit when I do, so that will be helpful too. We plan on eating healthier and maybe exercising again when our lungs are stronger. 


Im so excited to take deep breaths again!